March 2nd-4th 2010 • Whistler, Canada

Slides from talks

Update: Not all the talks had slides, but here's some of them:

Jacob Kaplan-Moss • Keynote

Jacob Kaplan-Moss

It's almost impossible to be around Django and not know who Jacob is. He's one of the original founders of Django, is on the foundation board, is the co-BDFL of Django and is the co-author of The Definitive Guide to Django. Let's face it, if it's got something to do with Django, Jacob has had some influence on it. Currently Jacob works at Revolution Systems where he gets to do lots more Django.

After missing Jacob at DjangoCon in Portland, it will be certainly good to have him around in Whistler. Perhaps even get some sprinting on Django 1.2 (which will be out a few days after DjangoSki). Jacob writes a great blog and is a great speaker.


David Ascher • Keynote

David Ascher

David Ascher is the CEO of Mozilla Messaging. David has been involved with Python for many years and has dabbled in Django. He is co-author of Learning Python. David worked on Komodo during his tenure at ActiveState where he became the CTO. Mozilla Messaging recently released the rather cool Raindrop, written in Python.

David has provided thought provoking and entertaining talks at previous Python conferences and we welcome him to DjangoSki. We think he can ski, too, but we'll find that out.


Brian Leroux • Keynote

Matt Berg

Brian Leroux is "a software hack" at Nitobi. He's part of the team that brings us PhoneGap and a bunch of other cool software. There's also Lawnchair, a client side JSON document store.

Brian knows mobile and he's going to "posture things around Django/frameworks and how to architect for mobile transport and content negotiation". Sounds fun.


Matt Berg is sadly unable to make it and Brian has kindly stepped up in his place.

Scheduled talks

We'll have approximately 3 talks per day based on the daily themes of: Introduction, Development and Case Studies. We want to strike a nice balance between an ad-hoc conference and scheduled talks. If we run out of space, you can do an ad-hoc talk.

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John Boxall

John Boxall

John is the brains behind Mobify, the best way to take your site mobile. Mobify features a dazzling array of cool technology like Django, App Engine and lots of fun Javascript. Hopefully he'll tell us enough about the cool bits, without having to divulge all his secrets.


Paddy Mullen


Paddy knows his way around Emacs and is going to show us how: "With rope I am able to perform refactorings on my codebase. With pdb and pdb-mode integration I am able to step through my code and have the file that is currently executing open up in an editable window at the current execution line. With compile mode I am able to click on any line of a stack trace and be instantly shown that file in an editable state. With some custom keyboard shortcuts that I have written I can run unit tests with a simple keystroke."

Cool. Vim users will then be able to tell us how :wq! is superior.


Andy Smith


Andy Smith works at Google on App Engine. He'll be giving a talk on "Using Django on App Engine, Porting Your App to App Engine". It will include "The state of Django-Nonrel" which is a discussion of the effort to move the django backend towards supporting non-relational databases.


Michael Richardson


Michael is a cofounder at Urban Airship where he spends his day working on a RESTful API to deliver notifications and in-app content to mobile devices. His talk, "RESTful APIs with Django and Piston," pulls from Urban Airship's experience and goes through creating an API in Django with Piston along with pitfalls you may experience along the way.

Michael was also the developer behind the massive Django-powered meat conglomerate until it was sold earlier this year. Bac'n did not, sadly, have an API.

Ad-hoc talks

Part of each day will be scheduled for ad-hoc talks. We'll have informal talks, panels, birds of a feather, poster talks or whatever you want. You decide. We'd like to keep talks focused on that day's theme. Don't worry. Just turn up with your talk and we'll sort out the rest.

For more information, see the schedule.

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